PocketState was a cross-platform, hybrid mobile application I developed in the summer between my freshman and sophomore years at Penn State. It served as a utility application for students and visitors to the campus, providing a map directory, GPA calculator, and aggregated news feed powered by a custom backend JSON API.

The application was built using the Ionic framework and Angular 1, and the backend was built using Node.js + Express and MongoDB to store the current state of the news feed as well as location data for all of the campus points of interest.

The news feed was updated by a cron job that would run hourly and fire a script to grab the latest headlines from Onward State, the Collegian, and StateCollege.com RSS feeds, parse them, then store them in the database.

At its peak, the app had over 500 users on iOS and Android. However, about a year after its release, it became defunct due to my unwillingness to re-subscribe to the iOS developer program for $100/year.