I’ve recently been crawling Bukkit’s “Plugin Request” forum to find some plugin ideas and sharpen up my Java skills, and yesterday, I made one. It’s a simple plugin called AutoTame, and it was suggested by user roumen4.

Here’s the basic idea for the plugin: whenever a user spawns a wolf with a spawn-egg, the plugin will automatically tame the wolf and set its owner as the player who used the spawn egg.

Here we have an open patch of area:

And when we spawn a wolf, he is automatically tamed to the closest player:

We can change his collar color with /collar <color/random> (random picks a random color)

And if we die (and config.yml is set to do so), our wolves die too:

That’s about it! If you want to get the plugin JAR, you can download it here. You can get the source on GitHub as well.