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The Derek Zoolander School for College Kids Who Can't Database Good

One of the most useful classes I took during my time here at Penn State was CMPSC 431W: Database Management Systems. Amazingly, this is one of two classes offered by the CS department here on databases, and it is not required to graduate. The only required class isn’t a database class, but a Java programming class that teaches students about b... Read more


I recently updated the theme on this blog, and in the course of doing so I realized that I had not posted on it in the year 2017. The last time I posted about something software related was over two years ago. I then realized that this sort of defeats the purpose of having a blog as a software developer. So here I am, a tad over a year later, ... Read more

My 2016 in Music

Last year, my friend Dylan made a Facebook post showcasing what he thought were the best albums to come out in/that he discovered in 2015. I thought that was a cool idea, so here are my favorite new (or new to me) albums from 2016. If you want more info on the album, hover your mouse over the album’s tile (albums that came out prior to 2016 have... Read more

Solving an Android CORS Bug

In the course of developing a hybrid app with the Ionic Framework, I ran into a strange bug: the app would display data grabbed from a JSON API backend perfectly on my desktop web browser, through the ionic serve --lab command, and on the iOS Simulator. But for some strange reason, the space on the Android app where the data was supposed to go w... Read more

Just Press the Button

I think I just won the award for the most stupid, overly minimal app ever created. It was a rough fight, and I faced some seemingly insurmountable competition (the app Yo, for instance). But I think I just may have won. My app is called “Just Press the Button.” It has two things on screen when you open it: a button and a counter. Every time you... Read more